Please note: This year we are pleased to offer a reduced residency application fee of $10.00 in consideration of the economic hardships writers face.


Please read the residency information and guidelines carefully to determine eligibility and to note variables regarding different months. You will also want to refer to the FAQs to answer other questions you may have.

Who can apply?

To apply you must be:

A legal citizen of the United States.

24 years of age or older.

Poets, fiction, and nonfiction writers may apply. Translations and collaborations are not eligible.

The Eyrie encourages poets, fiction, and nonfiction writers from every area of the United States, with one exception: those who live in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island are not eligible. Poets and writers at different stages of their career are welcomed. If you’ve practiced your craft and honed your work to make it the best you can, we are happy to consider it, carefully and with interest.

Residency sessions for 2019 are for the months of May and of September.
Residency durations are comprised of either two weeks or one month. 

Residency I (May) and Residency II (September) 

Both these residencies are free of charge, aside from the $10.00 application fee. Duration of these residencies may be for either two weeks or one month, to be determined by the review process and applicants' needs.

Review Process

Manuscripts are blind reviewed. Do not put any identifying information on the manuscript itself. Your name and other information should appear only on your cover letter, and on the double spaced paragraph about yourself.

Residencies include the following: Five (5) prepared meals provided during the course of the residency. (If our scheduling does not permit this, you will be given the means for buying those meals instead). 


The Eyrie is a fourth floor dwelling. You must be able to climb three flights of stairs, and to open and close two weighty front doors at street level. Regrettably, no wheelchair access is available; the building lacks an elevator.


Residents are responsible for most of their own meals, which can be made in the apartment’s kitchen. The exception is the courtesy of five (5) meals made by staff.

The Eyrie cannot accommodate the needs of people on highly specialized, restrictive diets. We can provide meals for vegetarians.


Inside the apartment:
Residents are provided with clean bedding and towels.
internet service
air conditioning
random gifts: books to read, complimentary tea or small edibles, perhaps a museum pass

Outside the apartment:
5 minute walk from the L train at Bedford Ave. & N. 7th St.
The L train provides swift access to Manhattan - 5 minute ride
5 minute walk to McCarren Park and to East River Park
7 minute walk to riverfront ferry service to points in Brooklyn and Manhattan
laundromat - 1/4 block from apt.
shopping, restaurants, cafes, all within immediate area 

Travel & Equipment

Residents are responsible for their own travel expenses. They are also responsible for bringing their own computers, materials, and special equipment.

Financial Assistance

The Eyrie cannot offer financial assistance for the residencies.

Residency Calendar & Options

This is the fifth year of residencies offered at The Eyrie, beginning as follows:

May - (two weeks: May 2nd - 15th and May 17th - 30th)
September - (two weeks: September 1st - 14th / September 17th - 30th or, 1 month: September 1st - 30th* 
*Dates may be altered by 1 or 2 days, if circumstances allow. Time periods may vary slightly according to a resident's needs.)

Application Deadlines:

May - March 17th 
September - July 15th

Application form: Download pdf

Application Fees:

Given the choice, we would charge no fees at all. We’ve tried to make the fee as modest as our situation allows, with recognition of the economic hardships many writers face.

May (Residency I) - $10.00 
September (Residency II) - $10.00 
Please make payment out to: Margot Farrington

What to include in your application:
  • A cover page with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail. The cover page and the page with double spaced paragraph about yourself are the only pages that should be identified with your name. Manuscripts are blind reviewed.
  • Work samples:
Poets: A manuscript of 7 to 10 poems. Place each poem on its own separate page. Two or three page poems should use the number of pages they require. Single-space is fine.
Fiction writers: One or two short stories, no more than thirty (30) double-spaced pages (250-300 words per page), consisting of a complete short story and an excerpt from a longer story, or two stories. Novelists may send an excerpt of about thirty (30) pages in length, from a novel in progress.
Non-Fiction writers: One or two essays comprising no more than 30 double-spaced pages. Please note that we are looking for creative non-fiction, not works of an academic nature. 
  • A description of the work-in-progress (this can be as brief as 3 to 5 sentences or up to a single page if you feel it should be).
  • A double spaced paragraph about yourself.  The content of this is entirely open regarding what you wish to convey about yourself as a person and as a writer. This page will only be reviewed if you are being considered for a residency, seen in the aftermath of the entire process. That said, consider it a part of your submission and not something to be dashed off.
  • A one or two page resumé. Send a condensed version of your achievements, selecting what you believe are the most important aspects and achievements of your career so far.   
  • Check or money order made out to Margot Farrington.
Do not put your name on your work sample. It should appear only on the cover page.
How to send your materials: 

Please send (2) copies of your work samples without binder or cover of any kind, and include your cover page with your name, address, phone #, e-mail, and the other materials requested. Fasten your copies with a binder clip or staple.

All submissions must be in English.
Send either computer copies or xeroxed copies of good quality. 
Please don't mail us your originals, and don’t send us your only copies.
Check to see that your application is complete, and represents your strongest recent work.

All submissions must be sent by regular USPS mail only. Applications sent by Fed Ex, UPS, certified mail, or courier service requiring signature will be discarded. Hand delivered applications will be ignored. Your submission must bear a postmark falling before or upon the last day of the deadline indicated for the time period(s) you are applying for.

*If you would like confirmation that your application was received, include a stamped, self addressed post card. Writers At The Eyrie cannot be responsible for applications lost in the mail.

Send your manuscript and completed application materials to:

Writers At The Eyrie
118 North 9th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11249

All manuscripts will be recycled once decisions have been made.

Responses regarding decisions will be made by e-mail and/or by phone.