What kind of writers are you looking for?

The Eyrie was created for highly motivated, responsible applicants with projects they wish to advance or complete. We’ll do what we can to make your stay happy and memorable. The rest is up to you.

If I am awarded a residency, may I bring my husband/wife/companion? May I bring my pet?

No. The residency is designated for one writer only for each residency. Pets are not allowed.

What if I had to leave and come back during my residency?

If you’ve been awarded a residency, the expectation on our end is that you’ve committed yourself for the full time allotted.

Can I apply for more than one time period?

Yes. Please consult the guidelines regarding deadlines. Indicate your first, second and third choices. We cannot guarantee you a residency during the session you most desire, but your preferences help to steer us towards what would work best for you. If only one session works for you, that's alright. 

Are there nonsmoking regulations?

Yes. These are rigorously enforced. A fellow who violates nonsmoking regulations will have her/his fellowship terminated. The Eyrie, and the building housing it, are smoke-free premises. If you smoke, you must do so outside.

There are also some basic house rules. In brief, these are for the overall safety and welfare of the building and its other occupants. These will be explained to you if you are offered a residency.

Can I have guests?

Overnight guests are not allowed, but if you wish to have a guest over during the day, that is permitted. We seek to encourage writers who have come to work rather than socialize.

How quiet is The Eyrie?

Often remarkably quiet, with an almost country-like atmosphere (you can wake to the sound of birds). North 9th Street is a tree-lined side street, lacking the constant traffic sound of the major thoroughfares. This is a city environment, however, not a place of absolute, unbroken quiet.

Do I need letters of recommendation?

No. We prefer to take measure of you by the caliber of your work. You may be asked to provide proof of your age. All applicants must be 25 years of age or older.

I am a younger (or older) writer who doesn’t have a long list of credits and literary achievements. Does this mean I shouldn’t consider applying?

No. You can still be chosen by virtue of the quality of your work. The work is what matters most.

Do you have a waitlist in the event that a writer awarded a residency cannot attend her/his residency because of illness or emergency?

Yes. If you’d like to know if you’ve been selected for the waitlist, we can notify you. Indicate your choice on the application form.

If I’m on the waitlist, but no one drops out, will my waitlist standing carry over to next year’s residencies?

Sadly, it will not. We recognize the anguish the waitlist situation can generate. But it’s not viable to forward those on the wait list to the following year’s applications, since they’d overwhelm the new applications. If you were chosen for the waitlist, it’s a good sign, and you may want to consider reapplying.

Information related to travel:

I’m coming to the NYC area by plane, train, or bus. Then how do I proceed?

We can send you instructions for how to get here via connections involving buses, cabs, or the subway, depending on the airport, train or bus station. Instructions will be provided prior to your residency.

I’m considering driving to The Eyrie for my residency. Is there a place to park my car?

It’s possible to park on the street, even on the street The Eyrie is on, but it does make for some constraints. You must move your car four days a week, submitting to the tyranny of the time that takes, and the effort of remembering when to do it to avoid parking tickets. If you think you can handle this, it’s an option.

The Eyrie lies within brief walking distance of the laundromat, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Walking, riding the subway or boarding the ferry lines can take you almost anywhere you’d like to go.